We offer products and services to help people get a better level of satisfaction with their life in general.

We also want to help companies build a solid business model and have a clear vision of their goals.

À Propos de Marc

I am a financial services entrepreneur native of Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec, Canada who works in personal development through publications and videos. For almost 26 years I have been interested in books about personal growth, and I am always enthusiastic about helping and serving people with my acquired knowledge since all of these resources have made me grow internally. Personal suffering has allowed me to better understand the meaning of my life and I use these experiences to serve people who are looking for solutions to live better on our planet.

Marc has given me good service for 12 years. He does his job well and I am satisfied with everything with him. I thank him sincerely.
The trademark of Marc Thériault is after-sales service, he helped me settle several disability claims, I am satisfied with his work.
I like his service, I appreciate his advice and he has always given me a good service year after year.
Since I have known him, he has given me the maximum, he has always been present, he makes efforts to improve each year. He has met all my expectations, I am glad to have known him.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is to satisfy every customer. So if you're not completely satisfied with your investment in our 12-month individual coaching program, we'll refund you within 90 days, it's a promise!

Garantie de Satisfaction

Our goal

To work step by step with people and companies to foster constant learning and personal and entrepreneurial self-fulfillment.

Our Values

The freedom and respect of individuals during their personal development.

We define the freedom to act and build a model based on the most important values in the life of an individual or a company such as respect and integrity as the case may be.