Coaching Vision


Transform your personal and financial life to optimize your personal potential in 7-steps:

  1. Financial Vision
  2. Business vision
  3. Health Vision
  4. Vision relationship
  5. Vision time management
  6. Work and career vision
  7. Vision happiness and self-esteem

Coaching or consulting service over 3, 6, or 12 months is available.

A minimum of 6 hours per coaching is required.

Either one hour or 2 hours per month per Skype at the price of $ 200 per hour

* Hourly rate is $ 200 per hour in person.

* Exercises are to be done each month before each session for a student.

Possibility of coaching over 12 months for a student.

1 maximum of 3 persons per year for individual coaching in person over the 12-month period. The price is $ 2400 annually or 12 checks of $ 200 or paypal payment.

* The 100% guarantee applies for 90 days on private coaching of 12 months, if the customer does not see the results after 3 months, he will be entitled to his unconditional refund on explanatory notes of dissatisfaction.

For information:

What is coaching?

It is a meeting of 1 hour to 2 hours on the desired subject of the person.

How does coaching work in general?

Generally in a hotel for individual coaching.

Why hire a coach?

To optimize his potential and be more satisfied in his life now and in the future.

How does coaching work?

We define the client's problem and then we formulate a correction strategy.

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