Here are 5 Conferences and workshops for your company or organization. These seminars are directly the fruit of my life experience to contribute to the best of the individual. The sale. Emotional dependence. Become master of your life. Have beliefs of success. Plugging into your intuition.

1-The sale and concentration

The sale is primarily an exchange of goods or services against a pre-defined sum of money. In business, selling refers to a set of actions carried out by a commercial department or a salesperson in order to conclude a transaction with one or more customers.

I have spent more than 27 years in sales, I know what I'm talking about, and I know that it takes commitment and also a balance of life to find it and be able to bounce back at times. You will learn for yourself or for your company in this conference the strength of character that I developed to stay more than a quarter of a century in this trade.

2-Overcoming emotional dependence and finally having an absolute confidence in oneself

Marc Thériault is the author of the book Explanation on the seminar to overcome emotional dependence, and author of more than 300 videos growing on Youtube. This is a seminar workshop to help you find direction and direction in your life and leave with practical tools.

Meeting all our emotional needs is essential to our personal growth in our modern life. Everyone needs to be appreciated and have the feeling of being loved.

In some people this need becomes enormous and can lead to difficult behaviors in emotional relationships and sometimes even physical and psychological violence. We see this every week on television, we talk about couples' crimes on a basis Regular. Yet, it is not the need for affection that is the problem, but the way in which we try to answer it. As the person repeats an ineffective way of responding to his need for affection, the emotional lack becomes increasingly alarming.

It is often mistakenly believed that this problem is impossible to solve. With some tools one can live an interesting life while having a psychological balance. If you are looking for ways to get out, how to increase your self esteem and confidence, how to have a better life and achieve meaningful life goals, this seminar can help. If you are looking for solutions: To regain hope in your life. To regain autonomy. To regain confidence in you. To succeed in a new relationship. To have self-love. To increase her positive affirmation in life. To make friends.

To understand your past. To increase your spirituality. To improve your health. To achieve new life goals. To grow your personal potential. Not to fall into the emotional trap of relationships. To increase your courage and your will. To face the modern world.

3-Becoming a Master of Life

Your are looking for a specific recipe to regain balance in your destiny, here I present 20 outstanding strategies that have helped me in my personal life in going through life's tests and trials. This workshop will allow you to find your bearings. You will find ideas to regain a better energy and especially the calm so sought after. Find the clarity of your path in life to stop wasting quality time and finally live the life you deserve.

4-Transform your life and go for success

You ask why you do not have the results you would like to have, you feel frustrated every year as if life was extraordinary only for others and never for you.

Despite all your efforts, you sometimes fall into fatigue, discouragement and ultimately in despair. I assure you that you deserve the best of life, and in this seminar I will help you to identify what has made you suffer for so long.

Sometimes it is only a belief or habit that can completely change your destiny and help you. Just make only a small adjustment in your life to go towards an unprecedented success. I can assure you that there is a solution and it can be so simple that you would not dare even imagine it, I can assure you that everything is possible in this workshop, I will present 50 strategies that will change your life story forever.

5-Plug into your your intuition

Connect with your intuition in your life and business. In this seminar I will present 20 strategies to connect with one's intuition and that lead us to make decisions from our heart. Several historic personalities like Einstein, Steve Jobs and people who run large companies analyze the facts but often do not have all the answers so as they say they use their 6th sense to make a final decision.

Intuition allows us to create a vision in our minds to advance towards larger projects and also to come closer to a mission of life that is destined to serve the world in its personal life or in its company to serve the public. My commitment is for your total satisfaction.

Guaranteed investment, if after hearing one of these seminars, you do not see how to improve your happiness, your results, your finances or your emotional life, I will reimburse you in full.

25 years of experience in sales and personal development.



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